USD – DisplayMessage

This is a quick post about a very simple yet useful action in Unified Service Desk for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. DisplayMessage.

As the name suggests DisplayMessage is used to give pop-up messages. A simple action but one that can be helpful in many situations. Firstly, it can be useful whilst debugging your solution to pop-up a message but it can also be useful to bring almost anything to the users attention. Let’s look at a quick example …..

In this silly example I want to pop-up a message if someone called “Neil” phones up. A warning all systems should have!

First of all, I need an action to display the message. Notice that the hosted control is my global manager and that the action name is “DisplayMessage”.

Also notice the data portion. In here I have used “text=xyz” to define the message and “caption=xyz” to define the title.

I have also added a condition to only display this message when the contacts firstname is “Neil”.


My condition looked like this ….

Having created my action I have added it to the BrowserDocumentComplete event on the hosted control I use for contact.

And when I run my application if I happen to open a contact whose name is “Neil”, I get a message like the one below.

As I said this is a silly example but hopefully you can see how DisplayMessage works. J

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