USD – CopyToClipboard

This is another quick post about an action in Unified Service Desk for Microsoft Dynamics CRM that I have found useful recently.


The action can be added to the uii actions of your CRM Global Manager. You might find it exists already but if it doesn’t simply add it.

Once it exists, I have found it very useful whilst debugging to be able to copy and paste replacement parameter contents. Normally when you copy a parameter in the debugger you copy the name of the replacement parameter but sometimes it is very useful to be able to copy the value contained in the parameter.

For example: say you wanted to copy the GUID for the current user. In the debugger run a direct action of CopyToClipboard. In the data portion you enter data=”value”. So to find the GUID of the current user enter data=[[$User.systemuserid]g]. As I have shown below;

Another option also exists called append, that allows you to keep adding to the clipboard.

So you can use something like….



This would keep adding the GUID of incidents into the clipboard each time the action is run.

You may also find production uses for this action. For example, when working with the knowledge base you could copy the url of the current article. The operator could then paste the link into an email etc.

So a quick and simple to use action but hopefully one that is useful. J

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