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I always like answering questions! (When I know the answer that is!!!) Especially when those questions relate to Unified Service Desk for Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

I was recently asked to explain what the window navigation rule needed to look like to open the case resolution activity from an incident.

The reason this is a good question is that the case resolution activity does not display in a standard CRM form. Out of the box a web resource is used to display the resolution, meaning a “standard” navigation rule won’t work. So let’s look at the answer …..

First of all, (as is normally the case with USD), you’ll need a hosted control. Mine is shown below. There is nothing speak about this! It is simply a CRM Page to hold the resolution activity. The only thing to possibly notice is that I have set the display group to “FloatingPanel”, you could also use “MainPanel” but I felt having the control float (popup) gave a more pleasing effect.

Now I’ve got a hosted control I will need a window navigation rule to tell USD how to load the tab. Mine looked like the one below.

Things to notice include;

Name Comment
From I set this field to “Incident”, which is the name of the hosted control (tab) that holds my case entity.
url cs/cases/closecase.aspx

This is the “clever” bit! This url is the command used to load the case resolution web resource. So rather than triggering the rule based on an entity in this case you use this url.

Route Type The route type when loading from the social pane will be “In Place”. If you also want to load the case resolution activity from the associated view create a second navigation rule. With everything exactly the same except the route type will be “Pop Up”. So two rules might be needed, one for each route type.
Action Route Window, because you want to load the resolution in a new window.
Destination Tab
Target tab and show tab Set both of these to the hosted control you just created.

So when I run the application, opening a resolution activity looked like this…..

All was good my resolution loads in a floating panel.

The only thing I didn’t like about this is if you use the “Close” button you might see a message from internet explorer that it is closing the window. But clicking the “X” on the window is absolutely fine.

Despite this quirk I hope you find this solution / answer useful. J

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