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In my Unified Service Desk (USD) application for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 I present the agents with a tab called “My Work”. In this they can see lists of cases, phone calls, queue items or tasks that are assigned to them.

In a busy call centre agents can expect that new items arrive quite often, I didn’t want my operators to need to repeatedly click refresh to see the most recent cases etc. But as users would have the My Work tab constantly open how could I refresh it automatically. I describe the answer to this problem in this post.

Firstly I wanted to avoid refreshing the tab more that necessary but each time the user looks at the my work tab I wanted it to contain current information. To do this I needed to take two steps;

  1. Create an event on my main layout hosted control.
  2. Create an action an associate it with the new event.

Step One – Create an event

The event I needed didn’t exist on my main layout. “Main Layout” is the name I’d given to my panel layout hosted control or my main work area.

If you look at events on this hosted control you may find that one called “SelectedAppChanged” doesn’t exist. If you can’t see it simply add the new event.

Step Two – Create an Action

Below you can see that I have added an action to my the evet I just described.

When the SelectedAppChanged event runs I have two data parameters I can use. [[Selected]] and [[Panel]]. In this example it is the [[Selection]] that is significant. Below you can see that my refresh action itself is pretty straight forward. My hosfed control is “My Work” and the action is “Refresh”.

I also added a condition to this action call …..

The condition was “[[Selection]]”==”My Work”, as I only want the refresh to be triggered as the user selects the My Work tab. Without this the tab would be refreshed every tie the user clicks on any tab. (I guess that would work but would be very wasteful to keep refreshing a tab the user isn’t looking at!)

Hopefully this is a simple idea that you can adapt to selectively refresh or fire other actions as tabs are selected.

6 thoughts on “USD – Refresh My Work

  1. Hi Sir,

    I have a requirement to open a new session from a case session. Let me clarify in detail :

    I have policy, Policy Member, Customer look up on the case form which open into a session in USD.

    What I want : I want when any of these look up click from the case session then it should be open into either into new tab or into a new session (Whatever suit best).

    Problem : I don’t know how to get trigger my window navigation rule from a session (In my case it’s a case session) ,

    similarly I want when a agent click in any of case from recent case grid on case form, it should also open into a new tab, Hence i want to skip overwriting of case form.

    I hope, I make my self clear. Kindly try to help.


    • This would need some thought! The exact combination you describe isn’t something I have needed to do but I will try to give some pointers.

      Opening a session from within a session doesn’t present any challenge. The navigation rule is essentially the same as opening the session normally.

      So opening sessions from sessions isn’t standard but perfectly possible.

      The first thing to understand is that the create session navigation rules will react to a popup not an in place route type. This is very important to understand as often when you open an entity within the session its route type will be in place. This might mean you need to consider how you might use a popup action which would open a url and force the navigation rule. Something clever might be possible to have a toolbar button to open something into a session.

      Also consider the hosted controls you come from. You may, for example, have a hosted control that shows associated cases. Click on cases “from” this view may open in your session.

      Then you could have another hosted control that is showing another associated view. I think in your example you mention that might be a view of “policy members”. Clicking on items “from” that view could open a session.

      So I think what you describe is perfectly possible but is going to need careful planning. And an awareness of when navigation rules for create session or route window will apply. (I sense you’ll send quite a bit of time in the debugger looking at which rule is being triggered when!!)

      Good luck. 🙂


  2. Thanks for your prompt reply, actually I applied your instruction & chose “pop up” at the place of “InPlace” as a Routetype but still when I click on the policy look up on case form, it actually overwrite the case form because my window navigation rule is not trigger & when I check the same in debugger, I found when I clicked on policy a default routing rule trigger where route type is Inplace. But the window navigation which I had created for same purpose is not shown any where in debugger. Don’t know why ?
    I am using USD 1.0 Version for on-prem instance


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