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Recently it became possible to access the Interactive Service Hub using a new hosted control type in Unified Service Desk (USD) for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 (Update 1). (Interactive Service Hub Page)

I have been asked a few questions about this. Specifically, what URLs should can included in navigate actions to access dashboards, views and entities. In this post I will address this question and hopefully provide some useful information to anyone planning on integrating USD with the Interactive Service Hub.

Load Dashboard

I have already published a post about displaying dashboards within the Interactive Service hub, in that I described how to construct that url. Below you can see an example navigate event which would load a dashboard within the Interactive Service Hub.

For the knowledge base dashboard use …..


For the tier one dashboard user ….


if you see my previous post I describe how to work out the id for any dashboard, including custom dashboards.

Tip: You can address Interactive Service Hub pages using URLs outside of USD. For that you will need to prefix your url with <<YOUR SERVER>>/nga/engagementhub.aspx?org=<<YOUR ORGANISATON>>

Display Views for Accounts, Cases etc

You might want to have a search option that displays the list view for accounts etc. You have two options for this! The simplest approach is to use a find action as shown below. Simply select a hosted control that has a component type of “Interactive Service Hub Page” and use the find action. Then in the data field enter the schema name of the entity you wish to display in a view. So account, incident etc.

Alternatively you could use a navigate action with the url looking like the one below. You simply set “etn” to the entity you would like to display the list view for.


Associated Views

It is also possible to show associated views. The url for this is slightly more complicated! Some examples are shown below. Notice that these examples do insert the ID of the parent record using a replacement parameter.

To navigate to associated cases for an incident


To navigate to associated Cases for a contact


To navigate to associated Contacts for an account


If you need other associated views hopefully these examples will serve as a demonstration of how to construct the url.

I hope this post has answered the question I was asked about how to construct URLs within the Interactive Service Hub. If not I am sure someone will ask me more questions and I will update as required.

3 thoughts on “USD – Interactive Service Hub URLs

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  2. Hello Neil, thanks for this information, it is really helpfull! Do you also know the URL in ISH if I try to perform a search? So I am looking for the search URL in ISH (In CRM magnifying glass). Thanks for a reaction!


    • Hi Peter

      I have looked at this, I couldn’t find a URL that would let me navigate directly to the ISH search. Which is a shame as it would have been a neat “trick” to load the search from a toolbar.

      It might not be possible to address the search direct from a url.

      Sorry I couldn’t find this. ( But if you do find one I’d like to know……)


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