USD – Basic Training Module 9

Unified Service Desk (USD) for Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a framework that allows you to quickly create call center applications.

This is the 9th module in a training course I’ve created to help beginners understand the basics of USD.

In previous modules we’ve learnt how to open sessions (etc), in this module we will build on this concept by adding agent scripts. In a call center environment having the capability to create context sensitive agent scripting is an essential part of the application.

By the end of this module you will have created a simple but functioning agent script. With you USD application looking something like this;

During the video I show how to create an action to open a new case. In this I use the following lines in the data field of the action;


Next time we will look at important topic for any developer …. That being how to debug a USD application.

Enjoyed module 9? Try module 10.

11 thoughts on “USD – Basic Training Module 9

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  5. Hello Neil,
    First of all, Thank you for such an amazing step by step tutorial.

    I tried the module 9 of your training and I have a small doubt in it, In the video you added the “Case Script Load” action on the “Browser Document Complete” event of the “Case” hosted control. That is working as expected.

    But I tried adding the “Case Script Load” action on the “Case from Anywhere (Popup)” and “Case from Anywhere (InPlace)” windows navigation rules (similar to account script load in your module 9 video), But the Case agent script is not loading when i try to open a new case from “Open New Case” answer on the account agent script.

    But when i try to open the a existing case from “recent case section” of the account form the Case agent script is loading correctly.

    I am bit confused, can you please help me with this and let me know why the Case agent script is not loading when i add it to the case navigation rules.

    Thanks in advance,


    • Hi Srini

      I haven’t had chance to test this fully but I believe I know the solution!

      Some actions fired directly in USD do not trigger the window navigation rules. For example, a navigate action doesn’t use them. It sounds like the New_CRM_Page action being called from your agent script also isn’t triggering the navigation rule. (As I said I haven’t tested this so this a slight guess but a pretty good bet!!)

      FYI: A popup action does trigger the navigation rules which is sometimes useful to know!

      You could add the Case Script Load action to the actions on the account’s agent script to create the case. So the one agent script answer will call a New_CRM_Page action and a GotoTask action. Meaning it would open the case page and start the agent script. (Or alternatively simply have the agent script answer on the BrowserDocumentComplete of the case tab.)

      You should be able to use the debugger to confirm exactly what is happening.

      I hope you are enjoying using USD, I think it is a great product.

      If this doesn’t work let me know and I will try to test in more detail. (But I am on holiday next week so it might be a few days!)




      • Hi Neil,

        Thanks for the quick Reply and Sorry for the late response was geld up some other CRM work.

        I can understand what you are saying, the New_CRM_Page action does not trigger the window navigation rules thus my Case Agent script is not loading.

        As you suggested I tried adding the “Case Script Load action” to the account’s agent script action still it didn’t work. When i viewed the debugger the “Case Script Load Action” has been triggered and it is completed in successful state. The case CRM page is loading (New CRM Page Action) as expected but the Case script is not loading.. I am not sure why it didn’t load the case script.

        Please check and let me know once you are free.

        Sorry for bothering you in your holiday..enjoy your Holiday.


  6. The Case script is loading as expected when i add to the BrowserDocumentComplete event of “Case” hosted control.

    I am just trying to understand all the possibilities this can be achieved, so that i can get a clear understanding of the USD application.


  7. Hi Neil,
    Your tutorial is very helpful. Thanks.
    Could you please help me in solving my issue ?
    My requirement is, I have opened a “Contact Search” tab where if the user selects a contact from the list then (either on double-click or through a button click) I want to get the Selected Contact Guid and then I need to open a new Phone call form in which the “From” field should be auto-populated with the Contact Guid selected in the search tab.
    Please help me.

    Thanks in advance.



    • Normally when you’d do something like this, you’d open the contact into a tab. You’ll be using a window navigation rule to do that. Then in the actions on that navigation rule you can add actions to open a phone call.

      You have two options available for opening the phone call.

      The first is to use a NEW_CRM_Page action. This open a new (not saved) phone call form.

      The second would be more complicated but might be what is needed. The second approach is to use a CreateEntity action to create a phone call (saved). Then use a Open_CRM_Page action. You’ll probably need to create a window navigation rule to pop the phonecall into a tab as required.

      I hope these pointers help.



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