USD – Phone call, closeWindow

I am going to start this post with a big thank you. Thanks Srikanth your idea worked a treat. Srikanth is a good friend and fellow USD fan! Check out his blog here.

The problem I faced was connected with mark as complete on the phone call within Unified Service Desk (USD) for Microsoft Dynamics 365. The issue being that you need the form to refresh after completing a phone call as only then is the user presented with the read-only / completed version of the phone call. I describe the solution in this post.

I have attempted a few variations around this previously but none have been 100%. This variation seems to be the best solution so far. My previous attempts can be found here.

The change is simple. The steps involved are this;

  1. Create an Action
  2. Add to BrowserDocumentComplete on phone call

Step One – Create an Action

You can use a RunScript action to substitute the normal close window function with one that will close the tab “nicely” in USD. The function will need to look like this;

function closeWindow(focus) {

My action looked like this.

Step Two – Add to BrowserDocumentComplete on phone call

Next we need to call the action, this is done from the BrowserDocumentComplete event on phone call. As shown below;

The result of this change is that after you make the phone call as complete the screen will refresh and you will then see the completed phone call.

Hopefully you will find this change useful is you face issues with mark as complete on phone call.

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