USD 3.1 Released

All Unified Service Desk (USD) fans should be aware that a new version of USD has just been release, version 3.1.

You can download it here and see details about what’s new here.

The main new feature seems to be compatibility with Dynamics V9.0. But whilst V9 is supported we do have some limitations. (You might want to read Microsoft’s release details for a full list of limitations.)

The most significant limitation being that the Unified Interface (as seen in the customer service hub) is not yet supported. I have found that we can display a dashboard (etc) from the Customer Service Hub no events get triggered when forms are loaded. Meaning we can’t (yet) use window navigation rules to automate the user experience.

Another limitation relates to the fact that the Interactive Service Hub (ISH) is not supported. At least not with V9.0. (You can still use ISH with older versions of Dynamics.) I personally don’t really consider this a USD limitation! As the ISH is not supported on v9.0 at all.

Additionally the new multi-select option sets are only partially supported. In that they display correctly on CRM forms but you can’t control them from USD API.

But despite these limitations I have found that Dynamics 365 V9.0 runs quite happily in USD 3.1. Even with my complicated configuration and Live Assist enabled.

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