USD 3.3 Released

Massive news for Unified Service Desk fans, USD v3.3 has just been released. Could this the best USD release yet????

You can download this new release here. And you can read All about it here.

This “might” not be the best USD release but I am extremely excited about this release. Why??? Well, it contains some really cool new features.

So what are the cool new features?

Unified Client Interface (Preview)

The Unified Client interface (UCI) is the future for all our Dynamics 365 access. It won’t matter if we are using “CRM” from the web, mobile or even now USD, in every form factor the user will get a consistent modern experience. This release of USD now excitingly supports UCI. You can see one example of what it might look like below. (This is a screen shot from my USD configuration that I have already started to convert to this new style of interface.)

I will certainly blog about the details of how I implemented this change very soon!

Best Practice Analyzer

We can now use the best practice analyser to get “tips” on potential problems and how they may be corrected. Why is this good? …. In pretty much every project I have worked on challenges have existed with system configuration, internet explorer options etc etc. The best practice analyser is going to help us identify potential problems and therefore correct them. I am confident this is going to be a really useful feature as I can think of several examples in the past when this feature would have helped me find problems.

How can I be so certain the best practice analyser will be useful? ….. the answer is simple I just ran it on my environment that I believed ran pretty well. And it immidieately told me about several issues. I need time to investigate these issues and I will blog soon on how I achieved that.

The best practice analyzer does more then just report errors! See below how I can drill into the error and get mitigation steps telling me how to resolve each issue. See below how it is telling me what IE settings need to be adjusted.

And there’s more …. USD additionally continues to get reliability and performance enhancements. Don’t underestimate these as with every release the product gets better and better!

I am going to really enjoy exploring these new features and I promise I will blog more details as I learn more. Enjoy USD Fans!

One more thing…. I am currently in Dublin at Summit EMEA. If you are in Dublin, Watch out for my presentation on Thursday morning when I will show these new features in action!

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