USD – Closing Tabs

Continuing my series of posts in learning the basics of Unified Service Desk (USD), here I describe how to close a tab.

This is a very simple process.

Sometimes it is useful to automatically close a tab within USD. Maybe simply to keep the user interface free of clutter. For example, having completed a search it might be logical to close the search window as the session triggered from that search loads.

First you’ll need to create an action to close the search tab. (Or whatever tab you wish to close!) An example is below. You can see this is quite a simple action, just select the hosted control (tab) you want to close and set the action to Close. No data parameters are needed.

Now you need to trigger the close action. One typical approach might be from the BrowserDocumentComplete event of a hosted control. So in my example, when an account is loaded close the search window it will have been loaded from. You will find the BrowserDocumentComplete event by opening the hosted control(tab) in question, then navigate to the Events option in the navigation bar. Opening the BrowsetDocumentComplete event will show you the actions called when the account hosted control is loaded. Simply add your close action here.

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