MB2-713 Certification (Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 Sales) – Revision Guide

I have been completing a series of posts as I revise for the MB2-713 certification Sales. Here is a collection of links to all of these posts. I hope these might help anyone preparing for the MB2-713 exam, as together they should provide a complete revision guide.

Revision Notes (Introduction)

Manage Microsoft Dynamics CRM components and the product catalog

Skills Measured

  • Manage Dynamics CRM sales management components
    • Understand different record types; create, maintain, and use sales literature; create, maintain, and use competitors; understand sales territories; manage currency configurations; understand social engagement
  • Manage the product catalog
    • Understand the role of the product catalog and price lists; manage unit groups; manage products; manage price lists; manage discount lists; manage currencies; create product families and properties; manage product bundles; view products in hierarchical charts

Revision Notes

Manage leads, opportunities, and sales

Skills Measured

  • Manage leads
    • Understand the role of lead and opportunity records; understand the lead to the opportunity process flow; use the lead to the opportunity process form and the process ribbon; track leads; convert activity records to leads
  • Manage opportunities
    • Create and manage opportunities; manage opportunity records; connect competitors to opportunities; view resolution activities; work with opportunities from views; add a contact to an opportunity
  • Manage the sales order process
    • Add line items to opportunities; create and add write-in products and opportunities; select alternate price lists for opportunities; understand the process of the quotes life cycle; manage quotes; work with orders; work with invoices; convert quotes to orders and convert orders to invoices

Revision Notes

Manage metrics and perform sales analysis

  • Manage metrics and goals
    • Configure sales metrics; configure fiscal periods; create and assign goal records; define parent and child records; create and recalculate parent and child goal records; create rollup queries
  • Perform sales analysis
    • Use built-in reports; export sales information to Microsoft Excel; work with charts and dashboards; work with system charts from an opportunity list; create dashboards; share dashboards and charts; perform advanced find queries; work with Microsoft Power BI dashboards

Revision Notes

Integrate Microsoft Dynamics CRM with other products

  • Configure email integration
    • Configure email server synchronization; configure server settings, server profiles, and mailbox configurations; migrate to server-side synchronization; configure synchronization options; configure email client integration; use folder tracking; use the Dynamics CRM app for Outlook
  • Configure collaboration
    • Configure Microsoft SharePoint integration; set up SharePoint documents; use SharePoint documents; use Skype and Skype for Business with Dynamics CRM; use Microsoft Yammer with Dynamics CRM; use Office Groups with Dynamics CRM
  • Configure Office productivity
    • Work with Excel; export to Excel; work with Power BI; analyze data with Power BI; visualize data with Excel and Power BI to create an immersive experience; configure OneNote integration; use OneNote with Dynamics CRM

Revision Notes

Hopefully this post will have been a useful aid in you preparation for the MB2-713 exam.

I have stated many times in these posts that getting hands-on time with the product is important. Now I have passed the exam I stress again that hands-on experience is very important.

If you are taking the exam soon, good luck.

20 thoughts on “MB2-713 Certification (Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 Sales) – Revision Guide

  1. Hi Neil,
    Thanks for the blog posts. They have been really helpful with my revision. Is there any chance you might know of where to find some practice questions for this exam?


    • Thasnk Kelly, glad my posts are a help. I don’t know a source for questions for the CRM 2016 exams. I know older versions of CRM are available but I haven’t seen 2016.

      But, in my opinion, be very careful with any sample questions you find. I have found the quality to be very mixed.

      Good luck with your exam.



  2. Hi Neil, just passed the MB2-712 and used your site to do it, was absolutely dynamite, what a great resource! Think I’m going to do this one next, but noticed the URL for the Sales Literature doesn’t work. Any chance of getting this fixed? Thanks again!


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  4. Hi Neil, I cleared Mb2-713 couple of weeks back and it’s all because of your revision guide. Amazing stuff and appreciate your efforts.


      • Hi Neil,

        Firstly, thanks for providing this information.

        Do you by any chance have any guides for the Dynamics 365 exams? I will soon be sitting MB2-717, MB2-718 and MB2-716. Hopefully not too much has changed and your current guides are still relevant.



      • Hi Pat

        Thanks for reading my blog and sending me this great comment. I have yet to revise / pass the 365 exams. (I know I am slow but they are pretty new.)

        As soon as I take them I will of course publish blog posts of my revision.

        Until I prepare I cannot comment in detail how much has changed. But business process flows have changed, then we have editable grids and quite a few other “things”. I would guess that the new exams will major on new features. So generally revise but also research new features.

        I do intend to publish a full guide as soon as I can.



      • First of all sorry for late reply to your post. Yes I cleared MB2-713 in the last month and gave a short at MB2-714 this month. Thanks to you as I cleared both in first attempt and referred only your revision guides.

        You are doing a tremendous efforts. Hats off.


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  7. Hi! I’m currently reading a lot of articles and exploring MS CRM. But, I’m not really sure as to which certification exam should I be preparing for. I’m interested in CRM functional consulting and have navigational knowledge and basic functionality awareness of MS CRM and now I’m interested to switch from ERP/CRM Sales to MS CRM BA profile or functional consultant profile. Please guide me.


    • Hi Ashima

      It is not always easy to decide which exam to do first! You may benefit from any of them.

      You mention you are a functional consultant and that you have used CRM for sales. In that case you might want to consider the MB2-717 exam. As that is about the functionality of the sales side of Dynamics 365.




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