The USD Accelerator – Technical Guide, Release History (3_1_0_0)


The USD Accelerator is a pre-build Unified Service Desk configuration aimed at helping speed your USD project.

I am excited to announce release 3.1. This new release has a focus on the agent experience. Therefore it contains loads of bug fixes and performance enhancements. And additionally many agent focused usability changes.

This post will highlight the enhancements and bug fixes released in version 3_1_0_0 of The USD Accelerator.

Several of the new features and bug fixes will have been created because of feedback received from people using The USD Accelerator. I’d like to express a big thank you for that feedback, please keep it coming!

This version of The USD Accelerator supports USD version 4.1.1319, the version which is currently generally available. Other versions of USD should work correctly as required!

You can find out more about The USD Accelerator here.

Date 4th Jan 2020
Version 3_1_0_0
USD Version USD 4.1.1319
Description This new release has a focus on the agent experience.

Therefore it contains loads of bug fixes and performance enhancements. And additionally many agent focused usability changes.

Associated Case Tab
A toolbar button has been added on accounts and contacts that will open an associated view of cases in a separate tab.

Navigation for order entity (and order detail)
The ability to use the order entity has been added into the navigation options.

For example: once enabled the agent can access orders from their “my work” menu.

Note: A USD option called “UseOrder” must be set to “Y” to enable this feature.

Updated Icons for contact, account, lead and case
Icons have been updated to keep the “branding” of The USD Accelerator consistent with the latest styles found in Dynamics 365.

Batch mode added for leads
A batch mode already exists on some entities such as tasks, phone calls and cases. A batch mode has been added to leads. The idea is each time you close a lead session (once in batch mode) the next lead will automatically load. Making it easy to work through a list of leads.

Save icon added to toolbar of “CRM” Pages
It is possible to enable a new toolbar button which gives a save icon in the USD toolbar of “CRM” pages.

To enable this feature a UII Option of “SaveToolbar” must have a value of “Y”.

First response sent agent script added
An answer has been added to the case agent script which will allow the easy setting of first response sent field.

This might be useful is you are using a first response SLA!

Note: To enable this feature a UII option of “FirstResponseSLA” must be set to “Y”.

Query SLA details and show in case overview
When a case is loaded its SLA details are read and shown in the case overview tab.

Addition of case exceeded SLA notification
If a case is opened that has breached an SLA then a warning notification can be displayed.

Note: To enable this feature a UII option called “NotifyCaseSLA” must have a value of “Y”.

Optional release of queue items on session close
When working with queues, if you open a case (etc) that exists on a queue then the worked by field is automatically set. This helps to prevent multiple agents working on the same item.

If the case is resolved then the queueitem will be removed. But if the session is closed and the case hasn’t been resolved we have two options.

When the session closes we can decide to release the queueitem or keep the worked by field set as the current agent.

To release queueitems on the close oif sessions the UII option “ReleaseQueueItem” must be set to “Y”.

Option to disable navigation toolbar
Each tab can have back, forwards and refresh buttons. These can be useful but it might be that you don’t want your agents to have these. (Pressing refresh, for example, can sometimes trigger unexpected behaviour.)

Note: To enable / disable the navigation toolbar options use “NavigationToolbar” UII option. A setting of “Y” will show the toolbar.

Force save of dirty tabs on close of sessions
When sessions are closed agents should ideally have already saved all data!

But a save is forced on close of a session to try to save any data not saved by the agent!

Performance improvements to reminders app
A canvas app to highlight any due (or overdue) call backs was introduced in v3 of The USD Accelerator. However at that time I considered this to be a “preview” feature as it was very slow.

With this release the performance of the reminders function has been significantly improved.

When opening email, use regarding to open. But if blank use to/from
When an email opens we can already open the entity in the regarding field.

If the regarding field is blank the to and from fields of the email will be checked for a contact or account. And that contact or account will automatically open.

Ability to search for cases from CTI search and standard search
The search pages now support opening of cases. (Rather than “just” contact, account and lead.)

When a case is opened, the account or contact defined in the customer field will also open. When in a CTI session the associated phone call will be automatically linked to the customer from the case.

Incorrect customer logic added to omnichannel
If an incorrect customer is opened whilst completing a omnichannel web chat it is now possible to click an incorrect customer button. This will close the current customer and allow a second search to be completed.

Additionally a “non customer” button has been added. If you are using the “non customer” logic this option will show. The idea being that a generic contact might be assigned to many chats if you do not know who the contact is.

Search option added to omnichannel
The search capabilities linked to Omnichannel for Customer Service have been extensively enhanced.

A search tab will give the ability to search accounts or contacts. Plus use of the relevance / category search is supported. Additionally, if you have Paribus Interactive enabled then this can be used to find matches whilst completing a webchat.

Note: Opening contacts / accounts from this search function will automatically link them to the current chat.

Added agent script toolbar button
Agent scripts are contextual and generally speaking the agent will always be on the correct script.

But I have found that they can sometimes want to change the script currently being used. To support this a toolbar button will show on “CRM” forms. Clicking this button will load the agent script that relates to that tab.

To enable this feature the UII Option “AgentScript_In_Toolbar” must be set to “Y”

Live Assist – search and pop contacts (based on email)
When using Live Assist, when a chat session starts a search is completed using the email of the customer. (This assumes you have a pre-chat survey that captures the email address.)

If a single match is found then that contact will load automatically and be linked to the current chat.

Added create task agent script to account, contact and case
It is now possible to quickly create tasks from agent scripts on accounts, contacts and cases.

In omnichannel, when presence is do not disturb hide the agent dashboard
If the agents presence is set to do not disturb then the agent dashboard for omnichannel will be hidden. (As they don’t want to be disturbed!)
Agent script to add new contact added to omnichannel
When starting an omnichannel chat it is possible to quickly create a new contact from an agent script.

Bug Fixes
A close active tab button was missing from related case tab
Case and potentially other entities weren’t opening from CTI search tab
“My USD Dashboard” wasn’t loading
Performance of contact form load improved by moving actions to dataready event
If tabs are closed, the close associated agent script now also closes
Incorrect navigation bar was showing for USD Settings
Disabled workorder schedule agent script (As this was never used!)
Update notes agent script on cases wasn’t working
Removed work order toolbar button on case (as didn’t work!)
A single quote character in contact name, account name or case title would stop call back creation
Omnichannel close of sessions was incorrectly closing two sessions
Toolbar button shortcut keys not in (Updated XML schema used to export USD configuration)
And much more!!

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