USD 2.0 – Server Install

The recent release of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 came with an updated version of Unified Service Desk (USD 2.0). This release includes an updated installer, so in this post I describe how to install Unified Service Desk on the server. To be fair the server install hasn’t changed as much as the client install but I am documenting here anyway for completeness.

Note: I have already covered the installation of the USD client in another post.

First off you’ll need to download the latest version of Unified Service Desk, you can find it here;

Once downloaded you will have three files, the one you want is “CRM2016-8.0-USD-PackageDeployer”

When you first run the program you’ll be asked to accept the license agreement. Do this and click continue.

Next there will be a short pause whilst the installer extracts the required files.

After the extraction has completed you should see a screen like this, click continue.

Next you will be prompted to connect to your CRM system, it might be a good idea to ensure you tick “Display list of available organizations”. If you don’t USD will be installed in your default organization. If you have more than one that might not be what you want!

After (optionally) selecting your organization, the next screen you will see will look like this. Select the sample package you’d like to deploy and click next.

From this point on the install is going to be pretty standard stuff, just lots of next next next!!!

Having selected your package, you will see a screen like the one below describing its content. Assuming you’ve picked the correct package click next.

You’ll now be told USD is ready to install, click next!

Now it will “read” the install configuration, click next!

Now it will execute some install actions (at last), click next!

After a slightly longer pause, you will get to click next again!

AND then finally you can click Finish! J

4 thoughts on “USD 2.0 – Server Install

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  3. Hi Niel,
    Is it possible to setup USD får a test instance of CRM (30 day free trial)?
    Just want to set it up to allow a customer to try it out for their customer support.
    I have tried, but I always get an error when using Package Deployer. It’s not able to connect to the instance.

    Thanks for your help!


    • Hi Jesper

      Sorry for the slow repsonse.

      Yes it is possible to setup USD against a trial instance.

      from what you describe I can guess that you are using an old version of USD. Since version 9 you must use one of the later versions of USD to authenticate correctly. I suggest you use USD v3.3. (USD v3.2)



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